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  ★ SEC: Puchon Choice
  ★ SUB   Rahtree : Returns 라트리
  ★ DIR: Yuthlert SIPPAPAK (유스라트 시파팍)
  ★ ETC: Thailand/2005/35mm/Color


This movie tells the story of unfortunate men who hide in an apartment with a ghost. Fate has made the comedians into bank robbers. After robbering a bank, they enter an apartment without knowing that it is haunted. When they are about to share the money, the money disappears and they search everywhere in the apartment. They find that the sixth floor is locked tight. They go into the tabooed area and find their money in Room 609. However, it is not only money they found, they also find the spirit of a who died years ago due to unfortunate accident. What will happen to them? This is the sequel of (2003), a horror-comedy that shows great adoration to , the representative horror movie of Hollywood in the 70s. In the first movie, Rahtree encounters a tragic death after a series of unfortunate incidents. She becomes a ghost and creates her own space in an apartment. The movie was a hit in Thailand as well as in other countries, so Yuthlert Sippapak, the director of the series, planned the sequel. Sippapak who showed both wit and horrow in the first movie, made the second one in order to fun of the series by Quentin Tarantino.


Yuthlert SIPPAPAK (유스라트 시파팍)
Yuthlert Sippapak was born in a province in the Northeast of Thailand. Early on, he had a strong interest in art. At 18, he left home for the capital, Bangkok, to study Fine Arts which later granted him a degree of Interior Design from Silpakorn University. Upon graduation he set up his own design company to discover later that interior design was not something he really wanted to do. Afterwards, he made a decision of moving to New York City.