2th Film

Subject : Documentary of Yang Joo-nam 잊혀진 장인 양주남 감독
Director : Byun Yong-Joo (변영주)
ETC : KOREA/ 1976/ video/ 53min
The Korea Film Archives Center has made documentaries on senior film leaders with a sense of mission to record their lives before it's too late. One of the most disappointing factors was that the seniors were too old to wait for our work.
While struggling with many difficulties, we decided to meet Director Chu-nam Yang who has been living in seclusion since the 1960s. When we made phone calls to him, Mr. Yang sternly rejected our request to visit. Through a lot of persuasive efforts, we managed to visit him on June 19. Living alone, he has lost most of his memory about the time he was active. We became quite skeptical if we could make a documentary of him. We thought it would be impossible to make the documentary later and decided to go through this time.
There was almost no material left about the director. Whoever it is, the person who makes the documentary had to create it from nothing. We searched for the producer who would willingly take up this assignment. We chose Director Yong-ju Pyon. We got Pyon's consent, but there still were other problems. One of the biggest problem was the story. In the case of Mr. Yang's documentry, the story might be more important than the direction. After several discussions, we decided to ask Kil-han Song write up the story. The team was all formed and only shooting remained. We were worried about Director Yang's health but everything went smooth. The shooting began on Oct. 8 and interviews with Director Su-yong Kim, Mr. Un-gwan Lee and Mr. Do-won Lee were completed by Nov. 7.Editing began on Nov. 19 and ended a week later. On Nov. 29, the narration was done.
Now, we are waiting for the final judgment. Documenting the lives of senior film people has just begun and as this work goes on, the history of Korean movies will not be a myth any longer. (Ki-op Cho)

Byun Yong-Joo (변영주)
After graduating Chung-Ang Univ,(MFA) she founded Docu-Factory VISTA. Her well-known documentaries are The Murmuring and Habitual Sadness.