7th Film

Subject : Shivski 꽺Ű
Director : Kim In-kwon (α )
ETC : Korea/2002/98min/6mm Digital/B&W, Color/Mono Shivski is a word derived from Sibal Saeki, Korean slang meaning fucker. The word never leaves Tae-jus mouth, and not a moment passes by when he doesnt swear. The film has both Color and B&W scenes, and during the color scenes, an alien appears adding the kitch flavor to the film. A handheld camera film about inferiority complex, being left alone, and the sentiments of low-lives. The director Kim In-kwon also takes the leading role.

Kim In-kwon (α )
Born in 1978, Kim In Kwon studied Theater & Film at Dongguk University. While working on director Park Jong-won's film, , as part of his assistant directing team, Kim was cast in the movie. Since then he has appeared in films like and as well as in TV dramas and his acting has received recognition. is his thesis project and directorial debut film.